What forms of payment do we accept for bail bonds?

Bail Concierge San Diego Bail Bonds FAQ

Cash and Credit Cards

Bail Bond companies take cash as a form of payment usually up front before the defendant is bailed out.

Though, using a credit card for payment of a bail bond may be the most expedient form of payment for the client and the bail bondsman.

Paying by credit card is the quickest way to accelerate the bail process and in so doing, get the defendant out of jail quicker.

Bail Bond payments and paperwork can be completed by fax or email.

Many of our clients have taken advantage of bailing a loved one of jail without even coming into the office. This can be very convenient when a defendant is arrested late at night or into the morning. In addition, family members have work and often times must wait until they get off from work to meet with a bail bondsmen.

When using, a credit card this helps to avoid that.  Paying for a bail bond by credit card can often be the best option for parents of college students or anyone who lives far away from the person they are bailing out.

No-Interest 100% Bail Financing

10% of the bail amount in some cases present a financial challenge. Some of our clients, with approved credit qualify for 100% financing. (Ask one of our Associates for details)

Some clients also make partial payments by paying a down payment towards the bond and making monthly payments to finish paying off the balance owed.

It is always wise to seek out a bail agent who offers interest-free bail financing, and make sure you know exactly what you’re agreeing to before you sign.

Several factors are taken into consideration for determining a payment plan: arrest history, employment, length of residency, and, ability to make payments and other financial factors.

When you work with your bail bondsman to arrange a payment plan, make sure you are realistic about your budget and what you can affordably pay each month.  Don’t offer to pay $400 per month when you can only afford $200.

What’s most important to us is that the client establishes a serious attitude about the situation and shows a willingness and commitment to complete the entire process.  If the person charged fails to appear in court, then the individual who signed the bail contract is liable for the entire bail amount.  Never agree to bail an individual out if you believe that person may not attend their court dates.

Collateral and Real Estate Bonds

When collateral is required for a bail bond, it is most often taken in the form of a real estate lien on California property, although out of state property can work in some instances.  In most cases, the property should have equity and all owners of the property are required to sign the lien.Often times when bail bonds have a high dollar amount, for instance: over $100,000 then a real estate collateral bond will be used. It may also be necessary if the defendant has 1 or more of specific high risk factors such as short work history, very few ties to the community, as a history of skipping bail, or other extenuating circumstances. When a real estate lien is in play it often times provides additional incentive for the person arrested to attend their court dates. This person knows that a friend or family member put their house up for them and could lose the property of they do not return back to court.

California law requires bail bond companies to return all collateral and release all real estate liens when the defendant has completed their case.

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